Exercises of listening

photographic prints on archival paper | graphic installation
Fait Gallery, Brno | 2016
sound installations by Jacek Doroszenko

dr Ewa Doroszenko - Fait Gallery 02
dr Ewa Doroszenko - wystawa - Fait Gallery Brno 03
Ewa Doroszenko - print 01
Ewa Doroszenko - photographic print 01
Ewa Doroszenko - photographic print 05
Ewa Doroszenko - photographic print 02
Ewa Doroszenko - photographic print 04
Ewa Doroszenko - photographic print 06
Ewa Doroszenko - photographic print 07
Ewa Doroszenko - photographic print 03
Ewa Doroszenko - exhibition - Fait Gallery Brno 01
dr Ewa Doroszenko - Fait Gallery 03
dr Ewa Doroszenko - wystawa - Fait Gallery Brno
dr Ewa Doroszenko - wystawa - Fait Gallery Brno 02

Exercises of listening
Fait Gallery, Brno | 2016
photographic prints, sound installations and graphic installation

In the project, a sound is treated as a legitimate material of visual art, audible and visible spheres interact with each other. Ewa Doroszenko confronts herself with the acoustic environment through remote references, attempting to translate selected audio events to the visual language. Her huge graphic prints illustrate the flow of sound material: collecting, archiving, reproduction in the context of digital times. She focuses on harmony, melody, form, and rhythm. Employing digital collages, the artist tries to present the process of creating and producing contemporary experimental electronic music. Music production offers an unlimited field of possibilities. Any sound can be made, manipulated, re-recorded, re-manipulated, etc. But while an infinite range of options might sound appealing, it also means that decision making is really hard.

Prints were prepared as a part of the Artist-in-Residence program at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria in 2016 and Fundació AAVC Hangar, Barcelona, Spain in 2014. Artworks were presented at Fait Gallery in Brno at the post-competition exhibition – Exercises of listening in 2016.

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