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print on polyester fabric | 2018

Photos from exhibition Coalescence, curated by SCANDALE Project and ULTRASTUDIO, Re_act Contemporary Art Laboratory, MAH MUSEUM, Terceira Island, Azores (PT), 2018


Select your natural landscape
print on polyester fabric | 2018
250 x 100 cm

The idea of the work came from my experience in searching for images online, building my own image archive and exploring possible outcomes towards a final presentation. Nowadays, when boundaries between reality and virtuality are blending causing shifting perceptions, the contemporary status quo of the image is decontextualizing.

The print has started as a visualization of an ocean, which I digitally altered. I multiplied the fragments of oceanic water and sky to show the artificially generated dichotomy between nature and culture, which is rising in our technological world. Largely, my work is multi-layered. I tried to combine typical photographic genres with contemporary visual techniques. Using both analog and digital techniques, I constructed the graphical work from photographs found online. I dived into the depths of online image archives connected with the ocean around the Azores Islands and explored the potential for using found footage imagery as a material.

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