The Promise of Sublime Words

photography | ongoing

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photography 04 - Ewa Doroszenko
Ewa Doroszenko - photography 09
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photography 09 - Ewa Doroszenko
photography 01 - Ewa Doroszenko
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The Promise of Sublime Words
photography | ongoing

The Promise of Sublime Words I started during the course of my doctoral studies in the field of visual arts when I was preparing for the final exam in art history. During my research, I discovered many old books of popular sculptures from Antique to Classicism. To spice the process of a little boring repetition, I began preparing photographs connected with discussed topics. My aim was to show my favorite statues as objects, which arouse ambiguous associations. I tried to distort the usual view of sculptures and finally destabilize a natural sense of order. I have employed many methods of image making: taking photographs of textbook illustrations, printing the photographs, physically manipulating the prints, placing them in a tableau, taking photographs of the scene, and then digitally editing those photos.

Key in my body of work was the process of experimentation which showcases our obsession with virtual facades. Sophisticated editing tools, popular beauty apps, computer games are shifting our perception of what nature and beauty are. We try to categorize and compartmentalize our world in oppositions: there is the digital and there is the physical; there is chaos and there is harmony, there is the nature and there is the culture. In actuality, none of these elements can exist in a singular fashion. New technologies reveal previously unknown layers of the image. The classical beauty drifting in virtual space starts to live their own life, loses quality, multiplies without limits, travels, and often finds new owners.

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