Second Nature

photography | ongoing

The starting point of the project is the contemporary understanding of the natural landscape. Virtual reality shifts and influences our perception of what „nature” is. Questioning the context of the original and copies, the relations between them, Ewa Doroszenko is interested in the phenomenon of landscape documentation and its representation, regarding how its position has changed at the moment when most of the places are perceived online. In her works, she tries to answer the question of how to authentically capture the rich duality of physical and virtual life we now experience. How to present the offline and online experience of nature?

In her photographic works she experiments with new technologies, trying to develop a new kind of aesthetic and artistic self-expression suitable for the digital age. A radical computer-treatment makes her photographs look like abstract paintings. She uses photography as a medium to flirt with sculpture and painting, and, as a result, explores the relationship between the physical and digital dimensions of contemporary life. She creates images building multi-element objects and photographing them in the form of still life and then changing them on her computer screen. Fascinated by the notion of truth in photography, Doroszenko distorts original photographs through multiple digital interventions. With this approach, he exposes the authentic nature of the image as pixelated data, thus sculpting a new reality. As a professional painter (in 2012 she completed her doctorate in painting at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń) she creates a simulacrum of nature, editing photographs and transforming them to unfold an imaginary world. Using the alphabet of tomorrow, she tries to present one of the most classic themes – landscape.

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