dr Ewa Doroszenko malarstwo 02

Daily virtuality

wall painting, Warsaw, 2017

Wall painting created by Ewa Doroszenko in the art space W-arte! founded on the initiative of actress Roma Gąsiorowska. Continuing the dialogue with the modernist artist’s canon, Ewa Doroszenko explored her interest in geometric abstraction. Doroszenko transformed the art space into an experimental stage where prints and shapes are both scenographic elements. The structural effect was achieved by simplifying complex abstract tangles and using geometric designs that reveal constructivist inspirations.

The artwork was commissioned by Roma Gąsiorowska and W-arte! Open Art Space.

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Ewa Doroszenko work in progress 01
Ewa Doroszenko - Daily virtuality
Ewa Doroszenko - Daily virtuality 01
dr Ewa Doroszenko - Daily virtuality - malarstwo
dr Ewa Doroszenko malarstwo 01
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