Web of Love

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Ewa Doroszenko - paintings 02
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Web of Love
paintings | painting installations | ongoing

The main motif I undertake in this painting series is the idea of a growing, unreal mechanism. To illustrate the multi-track ways in which an organism operates, I use compositional systems created by juxtaposing geometric shapes. Fascinated with contemporary issues, modernism aesthetics and the achievements of Polish artists in the field of paintings installations, e.g. “Studium Przestrzeni” (“Space Study”) by Wojciech Fangor, I create visual situations which I call “sympathetic systems”. Using geometric forms, vibrant colors and strong black, I create images dominated by controlled chance. By choosing mainly formal solutions, I try to develop motives that do not comply with logical criteria but are based mainly on subjective observations of complex systems and organisms.

My work often refers to the work of the French Dadaist Francis Picabia, and especially to his so-called “mechanical paintings”. Some of them are an attempt to transform the main motif of the painting “Parade amoureuse” from 1917. I analyze the complicated construction of Picabia, I build it from the very beginning, creating a growing organism. Individual images cease to function as independent objects, the relationships between them become important. My intention is to “involve” the viewer in the game of finding new ways to connect the successive fragments of the growing structure. Each of the paintings is a kind of continuation of the previous one, my endless conversation and romance with geometric motifs, juicy colors and strong black.

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