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Ewa Doroszenko - paintings 07
Ewa Doroszenko - Exhibition 08
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Ewa Doroszenko - paintings 01
Ewa Doroszenko painting 01
Ewa Doroszenko - contemporary painting 01
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Web of Love
paintings | painting installations | ongoing

The main motive of the project is the concept of an expanding, illusive mechanism. My installation does not show an existent device, but rather an abstract representation of a convoluted machine. I was inspired not only by the very form of the mechanism, but most importantly by its multifarious functions and complicated processes taking place inside. Thus, I did not ponder over any particular form existing in the real world, although some parts of the machines I observed inspired a number of individual paintings. The geometrised structures, presented in a fairly synthetic manner, dwell only on the canvass. They are an imaginary, fanciful vision trying to break away from the frames. In order to depict the complex and diverse functions of the mechanism, I try to depart from the traditional perception of paintings and arrange them into systems comprising a number of pieces. In this way individual elements cease to exist as self-contained objects and the interrelationships between them come to the fore. I want to „draw” the observer into the game of following another and another part of the expanding structure of the mechanism created by joining and removing elements, by seeking new possible connections.

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