Ewa Doroszenko - Body Editor 02, fotografia

Body Editor

a series of photographic prints and GIF files, 2018 – 2020

While the Internet can seem like a place disconnected from the physical world, much of the activity that occurs there deeply affects how people feel outside of it. In the age of social media, where selfhood is effaced by self-promotion, and the glorification of digital beauty undermines the truthfulness of real self-expression, women very often become dissatisfied with what they see in the mirror. Modern technology provides women with tools that allow them to quickly create dream digital images of themselves. Using various beauty applications, they can smooth, contour their faces, whiten their teeth, add a few centimetres of height, enlarge their eyes, choose different mouths, and use many other options.

In the „Body Editor” series, Ewa Doroszenko tries to challenge our trust in digitally constructed imagery in the context of the post-photographic era. The project was inspired by the failures and bugs in the popular beauty apps, where unnatural bodies get distorted. Doroszenko used photography as a starting point, alongside digital tools to create an expressive project that is both a critique and a celebration of the ongoing progress in contemporary technology and culture.

Doroszenko employed many methods of creating images and left visible traces of digital processing, partly revealing her working methods to provoke discussion about contemporary beauty.


The „Body Editor” project has been awarded in many international photographic competitions, among others Inaugural Der Greif – Organization for Contemporary Photography and the World Photography Organisation open call and Debut – Lithuanian Photographers Association.